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Welcome to Worcestershire On-Line School Admissions facility for School Entry in September 2020

The On-Line School Admission facility is no longer available to parents wishing to create an application for September 2020. It is available however, for those that have already made an on-line application, to 'View Your Offer'. If you need to make a late application for a school place, please visit

Please be aware that, some users may have difficulties when accessing the system from mobile devices, due to text resizing. If this does happen, please try logging in using a different device i.e. a laptop or computer or changing the screen position to landscape.

All offers of school places are made by the Local Authority where you live e.g. If you live in Worcestershire you will receive your offer from us for any school place, including those schools outside of the Worcestershire area. If you live in another Local Authority area, such as Birmingham, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Dudley etc. you will receive your offer of a school place from them and not Worcestershire, even if your preferred schools are in Worcestershire.

Please ensure you respond to your offer using the on-line system. If you respond to your offer via any other means, you will still continue to receive reminder emails, this can only be stopped if you update your on-line response. If you have any difficulty in completing an on-line response and have responded to the offer by other means, then please disregard any reminders you may receive.