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Welcome to Worcestershire On-Line School Admission facility for Worcestershire Residents. The system is currently available to view and respond to High School Offers for September 2021

Please be aware that a small number of users may have difficulty in accessing the system from a mobile device, very often linked to the text sizing of that device, some users have found they cannot find a SUBMIT button. If this does occur, try turning your device to landscape (on its side) to enlarge the information you can see on your screen. If you continue to have any difficulties, you can also try using a laptop or computer.

This on-line facility must only be used by Worcestershire Residents, those that pay council tax to Worcestershire County Council. If you pay your council tax to any other Local Authority, such as Birmingham City, Warwickshire CC, Gloucestershire CC, Dudley MBC etc you will need to contact that Local Authority, even if you have applied for Worcestershire Schools. Your Home LA will have the details of your offers.